About Shutdown of nickel plant in Norilsk: a step for establishment of sustainable environment

The social mission and corporate social responsibility of Norilsk is producing beneficial output depending upon the demands of society. Contributing to prosperity and social progress of society in the most safe and efficient way is considered possibly best way for sustainable development in mission of well being and bringing improvement in living standards of the people and company employees of Norilsk. MMC Norilsk nickel is incorporated with corporate responsibility principles with regard of whole society. Norilsk being greatest producer of copper, palladium, nickel and platinum is also involved in production of various by-products.

Norilsk mission to work with high standard safety and protection

According the constitution of Russian legislation and Russian federation certain norms for international law and conventional principles stated in convention, recommendations and declaration of international organizations and job management. This includes provision of job with social benefits and competitive remuneration. The standards of labor and social relation are defined by collective and legislative bargaining agreements along unconditional compliance. Bringing top priority for the employee safety and health, the workplaces are assured with occupational safety and health standards along high quality amenities. To know more about the living standards and sustainable developments you can also track Norilsk live details and progressive reports.

 Reasons for shutdown of nickel plant in Norilsk

Before Norilsk people have to suffer from massive metallurgical complex and massive mining but now departments are working for good economic approaches making environment to be sustainable and environmental friendly for the people again. In Norilsk the major reason for the shutdown for nickel plan was brought up as increasingly high rate of people started suffering from the lung disease, cancer, skin disorders due increasing pollution in residents. The shutdown of the Nickel plan is meant to overcome the various challenges so that people who are still living in city according to their choice should not suffer from health issues just because of environmental pollution.

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