Aspects of Culture that are Often Forgotten with ValueMags

There are often certain aspects of culture that are not talked about enough. Although ValueMags is already a diverse team that is culturally in-touch, the company is concerned about surrounding companies that have not addressed internal culture. Culture is what makes a company a desirable environment for an employee to work in and is often an important factor in the success of a company. As a company that actively gives back and participates in conferences and groups that bring together agencies in their community, this is an important topic.

Firstly, ValueMags would like to break the barrier that has been created about culture. Culture extends past common interests and developing strategies or a common work ethic within a company. Culture includes rituals, norms, values, behaviours, attitudes, learning, accepting, changing, holidays, cosmology, and so much more. Therefore, culture should not stop at the basics. For example, many groups (nevermind companies) neglect to include rituals in their practices and discussions. Rituals are a set of symbolic behaviors that occur in a fixed sequence and that tend to be repeated periodically. There are many type of ritual experiences such as religious, rites of passage, cultural, civic, group and family learning, and personal. An example of a ritual that takes place in the workplace is promotions which would be categorized under rites of passage. Additionally, businesses can market a lot of products based on rituals such as birthday candles, diplomas, certifications, fortune cookies, and christmas logs. Other rituals that are more common in business environments and North American culture include gift-giving, regifting, and holidays. International aspects include symbolism, languages, sacred consumption, and much much more.

These are a few yet important aspects of culture that are often forgotten. ValueMags wants companies and groups in their community to understand the importance of all aspects of culture to harvest a successful working environment.

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