Black magic love spells

Black magic (also known as dark magic) has always had a bad reputation, as it uses the spirit power for evil or selfish purposes. In Renaissance, black magic and witchcraft were prohibited; witches were executed and targeted by the Inquisition. The dark magic was believed to be a part of Satan’s idea to fill the world with evil. But later, this statement was rejected, because Satanists were considered to be a religion that has nothing to do with magic. Voodoo, for example, is also associated with modern black magic although it has its own roots and traditions.Nowadays, in some Asian countries, black magic is considered a Tabu, but in Western Europe people still use it for personal purposes.

The legend says that black magic is very powerful and the one who performs it needs to be aware of its consequences. The dark magic is famous for curses, hexes and immortality spells, but it has also many kinds of love spells. What is the difference between black magic love spells and white magic? It’s simple. As you know, white magic is used for good outcomes and is associated with purity and kindness; the black or dark magic, on the opposite, is related to evil spirits and curses. White love spells might be less powerful, but are simpler and natural in comparison with the black magic love spells, where you should use your blood or something else related with your body.

If you are interested in performing a black magic love spell you, first of all, try the easiest and the quickest one. For this spell you would need a piece of paper, a pen or a pencil, gold heart locker, four-leaf clover, amethyst stone, rose quartz stone, pink ribbons, gold chain and rose petals. To start, write the name of the person on the paper (or if you don’t have in mind someone specific, write the qualities you want to see in your beloved one), then fold the paper in four and tie the pink ribbon around it in a bow. Place the amethyst stone on the paper above the bow and the rose quartz below the bow. Put the four-leaf clover inside the heart locker and after that place the gold chain in a circle around the paper, sprinkle all the elements with flower petals and spell: “I conjure thee (2 times), I am the queen, you are the bee, as I desire, and shall it be”. The results of this love spell come in approximately one month, but it’s not a rule – in your case, it might take less time or, on the opposite, more time – everything depends on your personal situation.

Black magic has lots of evil love spells, such as break-up the couple. How to do it: in the midnight, on Friday (because Friday is only day of the week related with the goddess of love Venus),light a brown or a dark candle (might be dark blue also) and prick it with the previously prepared pin, chanting: “As I prick this candle, I prick you/Broken hearts unhappy be/May you part another day/Soon to go your separate way”. After these words, split the candle into two separate parts and hide it. The black magic love spells are different from the white magic spells, as some of them are made with intention to harm someone, as in the case of a break-up spell. If you are interested in performing one of the black love spells, make sure you really want it and also be aware of the consequences.

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