Different types of Personal Injury Claims

If you have suffered losses due to the negligence of another party, then you can file a personal injury claim against them. These claims are divided according to different categories based on the circumstances of the situation.

You might find yourself the victim of unfortunate circumstances due to the negligence of another party leading to the loss or damage of your property, physical injuries, mental and emotional turmoil, and so on. Understandably, you would want to be compensated for such losses or negative experiences by the person responsible. This is where a personal injury claim becomes applicable. A personal injury claim is a lawsuit that argues for the compensation of an aggrieved party, due to losses they have experienced as a result of the opposing side.

Before you file for such a claim, however, you need to be aware of the different types of personal injury lawsuits available in the legal sector. Suing for the wrong thing can greatly diminish your chances of winning such a case; thus it is crucial you’re aware of the various options available in this category. Hiring an established lawyer such as Stewart L. Cohen can help you choose the most appropriate category under which to file your injury claim.

Some of the primary categories that fall under personal injury claims include:

Automobile and Motorcycle Accidents

This is one of the more popular classifications under personal injury claims. These lawsuits take place when the situation in question involves a vehicular or motorcycle accident. You don’t have to have been driving or in a car to file for such a claim, and pedestrians who have been hit by a vehicle, for example, can also submit a grievance under this category.

According to Statista.Com, there were over 200 million vehicles and drivers in the USA as of 2015, with 6.3 million accidents taking place in that year alone. These figures can explain why this category is one of the most common personal injury claims filed in the country.


Assaults refer to an attack on your person, leading to physical, emotional, or psychological harm. The number of violent incidences on the street and its surroundings have risen in recent times, making this another popular category under personal injury claims. The person responsible in these cases is usually in charge of the security on offer. If you get robbed in a hotel, for instance, then you can sue that hotel for not providing enough protection.

You should note that you will need to have an adequate argument during these types of claims. Some establishments, for example, make a point of warning their clientele that they are responsible for the safety of their own luggage. In such a scenario, if someone steals your luggage, you will be unable to sue the establishment as they are not responsible for its safekeeping thanks to the notice.

Medical Malpractice

Malpractice occurs when a doctor exhibits negligence in the carrying out of their duties leading to the injury of a patient. This negligence can take place in numerous ways, including:

  • Inaccurate or false diagnosis of a patient.
  • Poor treatment of a condition.
  • Unjust recommendations, such as suggesting a procedure a patient does not really need, and so on.

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