Enjoying a Perfect New York Weekend

New York has earned its nickname as “The City That Never Sleeps” and that means even a short weekend trip offers plenty of opportunity for a man to find plenty of excitement and adventure. There are many people who plan an entire trip around the big city, but even if you’re on a longer road trip throughout New England there’s no reason to automatically dismiss a weekend in the city. If you find yourself in an RV rental doing the classic New England road trip, it’s still worth looking at parking at a nearby RV camp and heading into the city for 48 hours of fun.

Image BY Franck Michel via flickr.com under a Creative Common License CC BY 2.0

Decide on Your Idea of Fun

There is way too much to do in New York City to hit in one weekend. Even if there weren’t new bars, restaurants, and venues opening every single day, a person could live in New York for years and never see everything there is to do and experience. Running back and forth across a giant city isn’t going to be relaxing or fun – so figure out what you want to see or do the most and plan around 2-3 things.

These could be places you want to visit, shows you want to see, experiences you want to have, or even a famous bar or two you want to hit. Set those two or three things in stone and then stay open enough to play the rest by ear.

Party or Casual?

There’s no one keeping you from doing both as you visit the city, but do you tend to have a preference on what type of entertainment you’re looking for? Do you want to see famous sites like the Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building, or Central Park? Have you been spending a lot of time in nature and want to see the bars and experience party time in the city? These can lead to very different experiences when it comes to where you go and what you do.

The bar scene is among the best in the world for those wanting a good old fashioned bar hop, there are plenty of professional sports options for the sports fan, and of course there are places that are moving 24/7 like Times Square or even the Red Light District.

Trust Me, Enjoy the Food

There’s just something about a hot dog straight from the cart. Look around for the very active food truck scene for something different and delicious. Finally, what type of a trip would it be if you went to New York and didn’t try folding a slice of New York style pizza? You’re also looking at one of the largest and most diverse cities in the world. Why not find an ethnic restaurant and try something new?

There are plenty of bars right around the corner, so you can always follow up a great meal with a great beer or something a little harder if that’s what is appealing you. Whatever your idea of a good time in New York City is, make a weekend trip fit your idea of fun and the city won’t disappoint!


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