Gays are normal, so treat them so

It is not a weakness that a Gay has individual preferences on sexuality. It is not their fault that they are not attracted towards the other sex. It is least desirable to look down by sexual orientation or inclination. Some churches make it a point to emphasise the evil side of gay marriages and homosexuality. The church makes derogatory and homophobic remarks more often than necessary. The compartmentalisation and conservative way of upbringing added fuel to the fire.

The law of attraction

It is often propagated that homosexuality or bisexuality are not healthy, or not natural and that they have no place on this Earth. This, however, is just a myth based on lack of information or indoctrination. The truth is that there is no universal rule on the sexual attraction. But spreading such messages is necessary for the existence of such religious hierarchy. The church declares that being a Gay is the act of the devil.

However, there is a change in the thought process due to the influence of great liberal thinkers. You can view website and see the change of environment.

Being a Gay is more than natural.

The myth that being Gay is unnatural need to be wiped off; there is absolutely no unnatural force acting on them to act so. It is just a different thinking and orientation. Unfortunately, the stigma against the Gay is so high that they think of taking thematic regime to correct themselves. A very primary analogy is that of left-handers trying to change to right-handers. In fact, the orientation of left or right hands is quite natural.

Happiness is the key

A person should not be compelled to change for the sake of the society, this forceful conversion can make them lose the mental balance, and there are cases reported from mental asylums substantiating this aspect. The happiness of the particular person is the key and not what the society think right.

The thin line of right and wrong

The truth is that homosexuality is natural.  This has been for a very long time, natural, while the definition of normal varies from person to person.  Being unconventional or different does not call for abuse and torture.

Considering being gay or bisexual should not be taken for granted as immoral or criminal act. This is true especially when considering the statistics of hate crimes, often violent, due to sexual-orientation bias.

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