Hassle-Free Housing

In St. Louis, MO, there are a number of corporate long- and short-term furnished apartments and corporate condominiums. Temporary relocation for corporate representatives is available for them until they get settled in more permanent housing. It’s easy to browse online to find some of the areas available to customers with a wide variety of styles to choose from. Search under corporate housing St Louis to find excellent corporate housing businesses to choose from. Registering online to have an apartment already reserved for relocation is also available.

Why choose corporate housing over hotels and motels?

Paying for daily or weekly hotel accommodations can be very costly. When the decision is made to use corporate housing instead of a hotel, employers are able to reap huge benefits in cost savings, lowering monthly payments.

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Make use of amenities and services:

Our clients can get one-, two- or three-bedroom suites in several locations in and around St. Louis. They offer move-in ready units that are fully furnished. No hurried search for furniture is needed, and all appliances are already installed for convenience. Washer/dryer setups are included to make it easy to do laundry instead of having to go to a laundromat or drycleaner. With all housewares supplied, including linens, appliances, and technology, it’s a one-stop shop for all clients. Cooking for the family instead of having to order out or eat in restaurants is simple with all of the utensils and cooking appliances already part of the package. This saves time and money, both of which are a high priority.

Family friendly units:

Living areas are located near schools for ease of transition for family members. The family routine doesn’t have to be confusing and complicated. Most areas allow pets, so there is no separate billing needed for boarding animals. These are real apartments that are located in real communities, making it easy to fit right in.

Billing is simple:

There is no need to sign up for utilities, and bills go directly to the employer or insurance agent. Corporate housing will never send the bills to the employee. The employer pays only one bill, as the housing has all utilities included with the monthly rent for the units provided. The one bill also includes phone, cable television, and high-speed internet, making the payment process amazingly simple.

Customizing for your needs and lifestyle:

It’s also easy to upgrade services to make housing feel more like home. Things like housekeeping, pay-per-view and premium cable channels can be added to the rent, as well as health club memberships or bicycle rentals. Children’s needs that are not part of the basic rental package, such as cribs and highchairs, car seats and twin beds, are available.

Make a decision today, and be ready to move in, hassle-free.

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