HGH for Healthy Growth during Childhood and to Slow Down the Aging Process in Adults

You must have heard about various claims made by many marketers of HGH drugs and often wonder whether such supplements can really prevent your aging process. Many people also claim about its reverse aging property. How much is the truth behind all these claims? If you properly understand the working of these supplements then probably it will help you to use these supplements facts in proper manner to achieve good results and also prevent any side effects.

Anti aging property of HGH

The pituitary gland in our brain is responsible for the production and secretion of growth hormone in our body. This pituitary gland is also called as master gland as it is responsible for controlling all other glands and their hormone secretion in our body. All these glands work in tandem to maintain the hormone level in our body so that we remain healthy and fit.

Till we reach the age of 20, the pituitary gland is quite active and helps in the growth of various body parts e.g. our bones, muscle tissues and also many other tissues. During this phase, a young child turns into an adult. After the age of 20, the secretion of the growth hormone slows down and by the time we reach 40 to 50 years not much of HGH is secreted. Due to this reason we start growing old and our skin and bones also becomes weak. Therefore, during this age our bone becomes more fragile and also there is the chance of obesity.

How to identify HGH deficiency?

Doctors can identify our HGH deficiency by physical examination and also by conducting certain tests like GH simulation tests, GH provocation test, insulin tolerance test etc.

By conducting all these tests, it will be possible to measure the growth hormone levels present in our bloodstream. This will help the doctors to decide how much growth hormone must be prescribed to achieve the desired results.

The growth of child may reduce

If the body does not produce enough growth hormone during early age then there is no proper growth of the child. There will be slow growth as compared to other children of his or her age. However, if the growth hormone is in excess then the child will be taller than any other child of his age. The HGH supplements can help the growth of children by administering suitable dosage as decided by the doctors.

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