How To Choose The Best Air Purifier

When buying an air purifier, you will need to answer many questions. First of all, you need to know why you are purchasing air purifier. What do you want to remove from the air and how much of cash you wish to spend. When you have answers to this questions, then you can pick the best air purifier for your need.

Room Size

Room size is essential, and you don’t want to buy a too weak air purifier that will not be able to clean the air in a more prominent room. Because of that, you should aim for a much stronger air purifier which will have the power of brisk air filtration. Also, you don’t want to pay extra money for a robust big air purifier that will just not fit into your small room and will only be overkill and money thrown away.

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Running Maintenance

Power consumption is more or less identical on all models, some green eco models will consume less energy, and they are a good pick if power consumption is your concern. But you need to put into consideration the cost of new filters or new parts if something goes wrong with the air purifier. These costs can sometimes be big and sometimes can even cost as much as the original air purifier. Because of that when you go for shopping you need to research if the spare parts and filters are expensive. And what is the lifetime of the filters.


There are many types of filtration. Some of the air purifiers have all of them included. But mainly and most important is the HEPA filter. HEPA filter is best at removing all particles larger than 0.03 microns. Most HEPA filters need to be replaced with the time, and the average lifespan of the filter is 12 months. I highly recommend looking at the air purifier that has HEPA filter.

The next necessary filter is carbon filter which the main job is to remove bad odor, smoke and other gases from the air. Carbon filters are known as good against smoke, chemicals in the air and overall lousy odor removing. Many people use them in a kitchen, cellar or even bathroom if the smell is not pleasant.

Ionizers or Ozone Generators are best to be avoided because they potentially may create higher levels of ozone that may be harmful to the human body. But ionizers will also work. They are very good at ionizing particles and making them heavier or even bigger. Then you can quickly wipe them with a rug or use a vacuum cleaner to remove them. If you go with an ionizer, be careful and never be in a room where ionizer is working.

Quite Work

Air purifiers generate noise. Most of the noise is generated because of a loud fan. If you put air purifier at the maximum speed fan will run faster, and the noise will be higher. But the noise between models vary, some air purifiers even have a quiet mode that is best used in a bedroom to provide a calm night sleep with a fresh, clean air.

Ionizers are known to be loud, and because of that, they are not recommended for a bedroom.


Some companies give colossal warranty, some of them offer five years warranty and some of them even more. You should really put into consideration a guarantee. The longer they give, the more they trust the product. Some companies in the air purifying field are older than 20 years, and they are in a business for a long time. That’s put them ahead of the other younger companies because with they experience they will solve problems you have with a lightning speed.


Whatever air purifier model you have pick, you need to know that there are some rules of running an air purifier. And one of the most important rules is to keep doors and windows closed while air purifier is filtrating the air in the room. If you want me to recommend a specific model, I can say only good things about Levoit lv-h132. This air purifier is powerful; it has HEPA filter and active carbon filter. Which means all particles will be removed from the air and bad odor and smell will be neutralized.

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