How to Find Chinese Restaurant in Sydney

It is very easy to find Chinese restaurant in Sydney. Chinese cuisine is one of the most diverse and widely accepted foods throughout the world. Cantonese cuisine is the most largely accepted type of Chinese food that is eaten mostly in Australia.

Though Chinese cuisine comes from various regions of China and is widely diversified like:

  • From the Sichuan province
  • From the Hunan province
  • From the Cantonese province
  • From the Shandong province

Though you can discover Chinese restaurant throughout Sydney the most commonly recognized of them is the Cantonese food.

Not only can you locateChinese diners in Sydney but throughout the world Chinese food that is Cantonese in flavor is very popular.

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This kind of cuisine is fresher, milder, and focuses on the texture and flavor of the ingredients instead of over powering the produce with strong sauces. Some common examples of Cantonese cuisine are:

  • Dimsums
  • Fried rice
  • Char siu
  • Steamed fish served whole
  • Noodles stir fried with vegetables and meat
  • Pork served in a sour and sweet sauce

There are many famous Chinese eateries found in Sydney serving this cuisine.

Another type of cuisine found Chinese restaurants in Sydney comes from the very bold and spicy region of Sichuan. The foods from this area of China are  traditionally very spicy, sour and tend to overpower the natural taste of the foods  due to the over powering nature of the Sichuan pepper which is a predominant spice used to flavor this kind of food. Some common dishes of this cuisine are:

  • Kung pao chicken.
  • Mapo tofu
  • Dan dan noodles
  • Sichuan hot pot.

Hunan or Xiang is also found in restaurants especially atChinese eating-joints around Sydney that serve these types of Chinese foods. This cuisine is even spicier than the found in the Sichuan region. The main method of cooking this type of food is by fermenting the meat, curing various cuts of meat, and then smoking the meat for a specified amount of time. The dishes on the menu of places serving this cuisine always include

  • Chairman Mao’s pork braised in red sauce.
  • Fish heads steamed and covered in chilli oil.

Though Muslims   are an ethnic minority in China, they are concentrated in the Uyghurs region which is the province in the western most area of China. The food served and prepared here locally resembles traditional Arabic cuisine more as compared to the typical Chinese cuisine favored by the rest of the country. The food you get Chinese restaurants in Sydney that serve the cuisine from this region of China are:

  • Handmade bread and noodles served with kebabs and meats grilled on charcoal.
  • Dapanji which is a stew filled with potato, chicken, and served with either flat bread like naan or flat noodles.


There is a wide variety of foods, flavours, cuisines and tastes that one can experiment with in all of Sydney, but it is easiest to find Chinese restaurant in Sydney.

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