Important considerations when thinking about surrogacy

For many women that have fertility problems, finding a surrogate can be their only chance of building a family. According to recent statistics 90{e14978a81230aaa0ca6c7295e0faf17ba480eb4298481b06e37fe8cc24cae092} of surrogates achieve pregnancy after the third try. While it is an amazing experience there are a few considerations that you have to keep in minds. They are;

Your relationship with the surrogate mother

The foundation of your surrogate experience is the relationship you have with the surrogate mother. It is vital that you develop clear understanding of what your expectations are and effectively communicate them to your potential surrogate as well as with your agency. This will create a mutual understanding between the parties and make it easier to move forward. The fact that the agency pre-screens all the candidates before they are introduced to you enables you to explore your needs as well as concerns openly. It is important to note that each surrogacy relationship is different and unique. That is why a matching process is vital. For a smoother process you should have a closer relationship with the surrogate. You might end up keeping in touch years after the process.

Choosing the agency

The agency will offer you guidance throughout your journey. Since they will be with you throughout the journey and once you commit you cannot turn back, you should take your time to learn about different agencies. Choose an agency that fits your expectations as well as your personal requirements. Paying attention to how each agency carries out their prescreening process will shed some light on their services. Also take the time to understand how you will be conducting financial transactions and the amount that the agency charges as a fee. In any important decision the financial aspect carries a lot of weight and you should therefore pay more attention. Flexibility on the part of the agency is crucial. Find an agency that has the flexibility to address all your individual needs.

Legal concerns

The laws that govern surrogacy are different in different states, countries and also vary depending on your sexual orientation. So before you can dive in you should decide how you will handle your legal representation. It is also wise that you have some basic understanding of the laws. Some research on the current laws will prove helpful. Prepare a legal agreement between you and the surrogate mother so you can proactively protect your parental rights.

The cost

The amount that you will have to part with will largely depend on the agreement that you and the surrogate have. You might agree that you pay for all her medical expenses during the period as well as travel expenses that may occur. You might also have to cover the costs of IVF also. Knowing exactly how much it will cost you allows you to evaluate your options and get what fits your current financial situation.

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