Learn About the Pearl Industry and their Hard Work to Provide Elegant Gems

Pearl industry is vast because there are wide range of style and designs available in pearls. Initially, we had just the creamy white pearl that took away most attention. However, with time, patterns, shapes, colour has also changed depending upon the choice people make. If you have round shape pearls available in the market, then you also have tear drop, oval shaped provided by many stores. The quality varies depending upon the price range.

There are many brands that claim to provide authentic pearls. However, it is difficult to understand the right kind of gem to be purchased. Hence, it is always suggested to buy pearls from authentic store or online site like pearlsonly.co.uk. This online site was launched in 2003. It was the first e-commerce site that brought a revolution in the pearl business. With wide range of designs and pattern, they have accurate pricing so that all groups of people can afford it.

Here are few things to keep in mind while buying pearls –

  • While looking for good quality pearl, you should ensure that the store provides with warrant and proper education on the pearls. They should be able to tell you about the quality of every pearl that they have in their store.
  • Generally, there are only few colours of pearls obtained in most stores and they are white, cream, pink, yellow, black or silver. However, not all pearls have balanced shade in them, if you see it in light; they will reflect dual colours in different parts.
  • Lustre on any pearl depends upon the coats of nacre on it. The more the layers, the larger will be the pearl and more will be the brightness.
  • It is said that those pearls that are round in shape are supposed to be of the best quality since they are the rarest. Other than that, shapes like oval, tear drop etc. are common and aren’t as expensive as round.
  • Sometimes during the formation of nacre layers often a drop or blemish is seen on the pearl. If the pearl has no blemishes, but smooth surface, then that pearl is measured to be valuable.
  • Size of every pearl varies depending upon the tenure of cultivation. For example, freshwater pearl ranges from 3-7mm and saltwater pearl like Akoya ranges from 6mm to 8mm.

No matter how expensive and durable pearl set you buy, if it isn’t cared properly, then the lustre will not last for long. Hence, ensure that you keep it away from coming in contact with perfume, or any other chemical. Wipe the pearls after removing it and store it in a velvet box wrapped in cotton.

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