Meet One Of The Most Powerful Prophets In The World

Many special people are gifted with the power of prophecies in the world. They are said to speak the words of God to forewarn or inform people of events that will surely take place in the world. The belief in these prophecies obviously differ from person to person. It depends upon their belief systems. Even science cannot explain the reason why these prophecies take place actually. They are a miracle and there is surely some supernatural force behind them. This may be hard to believe for some but it is true.

Meet one of the most powerful prophets in the world

Prophet TB Joshua is the head pastor of The Synagogue Church Of All Nations popularly known as SCOAN.  His prophecies have come true in the world and way back in 2011 he predicted the exit of Britain from the European Union. Emmanuel TV is owned by The Synagogue Church of All Nations. It is here in a video in 2011 that he predicted that Britain would leave the European Union. He stated that the Euro- the only source that connects the nations of Europe together would be highly affected and many nations would exit the European Union. This is not the only prediction he has made. Recently he requested everyone in the world to earnestly pray for Nigeria and Ghana to protect them from any kind of harm.

Good men also have to bear attacks against their reputation

When his prophecies come true, most people who are anti-followers accuse him of using the occult and diabolical forces. He brushes these allegations aside with a smile and says that the secret of his power to predict is God alone. Evil forces can never do good in the world and as for his reputation, every good man of God has been attacked. The allegations are baseless and just spread to invoke people to go against God. He says his Church attracts people from all the nations of the world, if it depicted evil, no one would have ever come!

Helping the poor and needy always!

The Prophet also is known for his intense kindness towards the poor and the needy. He has also set up the poor so that they can financially support themselves in a decent way. Many people from all four corners of the globe come to his Church to seek his blessings. He is a healer of problems and people actually have found solace and peace in his presence. He says that God is there for everyone. The power of prayer is intense and he says that if you are going through a crisis, pray to God- He will give you the strength and the courage to sail through.

Prophet TB Joshua also says that when it comes the world love is the only powerful tool that can keep it together. Vices and terrorism are killing innocent people for no reason. People are losing trust in God. He urges the people of the world to join hands and unite for peace with love.

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