Nursing Home Neglect Defense

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention puts the number of neglected older adults at 500, 000 every year. Sadly, many of these cases go unreported. If you or a loved one have suffered under a home nursing facility that was meant to provide you care, then you deserve compensation. TJ Smith is a lawyer dedicated to ensuring that such victims receive compensation and the parties responsible are made to pay. It is important to know what constitutes negligence and what your legal options are.

Types of Home Nursing Neglect

Nursing home neglect can basically be classified into four types. Medical neglect occurs when medication, prevention, and adequate attention is denied. Infection, cuts, bed sores, cognitive diseases, diabetes and mobility concerns need to be addressed.

The other type is basic needs neglect. This is evident when the nursing care fails to provide a clean and safe environment, reasonable food, and water. Personal hygiene neglect is also rampant in many assisted care facilities. This happens when the patients do not receive assistance in bathing, laundry, brushing teeth and cleaning their room among other hygienic practices. Social and emotional neglect also falls under home nursing neglect. This is when the elderly person is left alone for long, repeatedly ignored, over-stressed or snapped at.

Signs that may Indicate Nursing Home Neglect

If you have enrolled your loved one in a nursing home, you need to check for warning signs that they could be neglected. The signs may range from physical signs to behavioral signs and external signs. Remember that the elderly person may not be in a position to express their concerns, especially when it comes to social or emotional neglect. The following signs may point to home nursing negligence:

• Bed sores
• Sudden weight loss
• Pressure ulcers
• Malnutrition
• Physical injuries from slips or falls
• Dehydration
• Withdrawal
• Drastic change in countenance or behavior.
• Notable changes in personal hygiene
• Lack of friendly interaction with the stuff and other residents.
• Poor lighting
• Slippery floors
• Unsafe furniture
• Poor lighting and other environmental hazards.

Preventing Nursing Home Neglect

Preventing nursing home neglect calls for a combined effort. Home patients who are regularly visited by their loved one are less likely to experience neglect. It is important to inform the care givers of any concerns based on the signs of neglect explained above. However, if the home fails to exercise what is considered as standard care, then you can file a negligence claim against the facility. Investigations need to be done to prove the claims, and this is why you need the expertise of a nursing home negligence or abuse lawyer.

If you have suffered injury as a result of negligence by the doctors and care givers, you are entitled to compensation. Many people fail to reports such claims because they perceive the process to be long and strenuous. However, reporting the claim could make the difference between life and death. Filing a claim also safeguards the well-being of other patients in the home. Seeking compensation is, therefore, a noble initiative. Do not suffer from injuries and negligence in a nursing home facility, consult with a lawyer and secure the compensation you deserve.

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