Online portal for used cars in Bangalore

Nowadays, due to advancement of IT and Mobile technology, some people have come across online platforms for selling second-hand goods. Earlier, people have to contact many persons as well as give advertisements in paper to find the buyer for second-hand goods. With the online apps available, seller has to just post the photos of its product and provide short description of the product. The buyers themselves contact the seller for buying goods. Thus, these portals act as an agent in the sale of used goods without any charges.

Many portals are available to sell and buy used cars in Bangalore online. The owner of the car has to post the photos of the car, dictate price, and some important details of the car like year of the model, kilometres the car has ran, etc. These portals help buyers as well as sellers by saving dealers as well as middle men costs. The portals also provide with variety of cars to buyers from which they can select as their budget and requirements.

Steps to buy a used car from online portal

  • Firstly, sign up on the online portal for used cars by providing mobile number as well as E-mail address.
  • Then, explore the variety of used cars available on the portal depending upon your requirements as well as budget by viewing the photos and details of the cars.
  • Once you decide the car which you are going to buy, contact the owner of the car by messaging or calling him to negotiate price and to get the address from where the car has to be taken.
  • Once all the terms are agreed between the buyer and the seller and delivery of the car is taken, the car gets sold on the online portal.

Therefore, online portal for used cars in Bangaloremakes it easy for seller to sell used car in Bangalore as within hours of posting advertisement on the portal, seller starts getting messaging from the buyers for negotiating on the sale of car.


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