ORM Los Angeles Tackles Fake Reviews

Online reputation management Los Angeles works hard towards protecting the reputations and images of businesses around the world. Los Angeles online reputation management is able to keep your brand’s image clear of any long lasting harm attempted by unsatisfied customers or even sneaky competitors. ORM Los Angeles has come to realize that not all the negative content on the Internet about brands and businesses is generated from unsatisfied customers. Instead, competing brands may go as far as to pay people who may not have even used or even heard of your products and/or services before to write negative reviews or blogs about your business in the hopes of doing better than you and attracting more customers. Los Angeles ORM finds these tricks to be appalling and has chosen to protect brands from this type of business tactic.

Online reputation management Los Angeles has began to tackle the issue of fake reviews. This is a growing problem that Los Angles online reputation management has seen more and more of over the last few years. Companies that pay people to post fake reviews on blogs and other hate sites are something that ORM Los Angeles has seen enough of. Unfortunately, this is a problem that is not going away any time soon and is in fact growing to be one very commonly used tactics amongst competitive business markets. Los Angeles ORM has found Google to be a trusted search engine that filters out as many fake reviews and ill willed content as possible. Google creates algorithms that ensures that only the most viewed and most popular sites reach the top of search result pages. Online reputation management Los Angeles knows that these fake reviews rarely make it to the top of search result lists. However, they still pose an active threat against innocent businesses. Los Angeles online reputation management is able to track the negative content and assess whether or not it is an active danger to a brand’s reputation and public image.

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