Preparing and Replacing a Fuel Hose

Are you unsure on how to change fuel hoses or how to prepare for a fuel hose change?

Don’t worry!Here we give you a simple step by step guide on how to do exactly that!

Be safe and if you struggle with any of these steps or do not understand them, get a professional or a person who knows (and has done) a fuel hose change before.

You also must know or have slight knowledge of what these parts are: Fuel Lines, Fuel Filter, Pump Fuse/Relay, Fuse Box, Negative Terminal on a Car Battery, Hose Clamps, Fuel Hose.

Things You Will Need.

  • Floor Jack
  • Jack Stands
  • Fuel Hose
  • Hose Clamps
  • Catch Pan and/or towels

Preparation for Replacement.

  1. Safely lift vehicle using a floor jack and using jack stands.
  2. Locate the fuel lines and the fuel filter (Near engine bay or gas tank). The fuel filter is a hard cylindrical object and the fuel hoses are the tubes that run into it.
  3. Relive the pressure in the fuel system by locating the fuse box, locating the pump fuse or relay, start the car and while the engine is running, pull the pump fuse/relay.

If done correctly the engine will shut off within a matter of seconds.

  1. Disconnect and isolate the negative terminal on the car battery.

Replacing the Fuel Hose.

  1. Get under the car and remove the plastic shield that surrounds the fuel filter.
  2. Place a towel or catch pan underneath as gasoline is guaranteed to leak out.
  3. Loosen the hose clamps until they move back and forth.
  4. Remove the fuel hose.
  5. Locate and remove the other end of the fuel hose.
  6. Loosely put the new hose clamps over the new fuel line. (Make sure then hardware line will face you when the line is in place).
  7. Slide open the ends of the fuel hose and check the fit.
  8. Clean up the catch pan or towel and slowly and safely lower the car using the floor jack and stands.
  9. Remove the jack and stands and you’re done!

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