Qualities to Look For in a Sandblast Helmet

Anyone with experience working in the sandblasting industry understands that safety is paramount. The devices are heavy and dangerous. The various types of sand are prone to causing major damage. Therefore, everyone’s number one priority is safety. Part of ensuring the safety of the worker and those in the area is the use of a helmet. The helmet is important because it can protect the most important part of the human body from harm if something goes wrong; however, there are many different types of helmets on the market. What are some of the qualities that people need to keep in mind when people are looking for a sandblast helmet?

Does the Helmet Shield the Eyes from Harm?

While most helmets are focused on protecting the skull, and rightfully so, when it comes to sandblasting, the eyes deserve some protection as well. When people are using a sandblaster, there are small particles that are flying all over the place. It is easy for them to bounce off of their target and fly all over the room. If these particles strike the eyes, they can cause major damage. The particles are hot and can melt certain liquids in the eye. They are also small and therefore are hard to see and remove. Furthermore, they can permanently lodge in the eye and cause serious damage. Make sure the helmet shields the eyes.

Does the Helmet Provide Some Sort of Ear Protection?

It is easy to overlook the ears; however, it can be loud in the room. The ears should be shielded because people need to be able to hear if something is going on around them. If the ears aren’t shielded, they are prone to taking damage. Even if the helmet doesn’t have any ear protection, make sure there is a way to attach some sort of ear protection to the helmet. Even though sand doesn’t often get in the ears, headphones can still mitigate a significant amount of the loud noises in the area and preserve the hearing.

How Durable is the Helmet?

Nobody wants to replace equipment before its time. Helmets can take a significant amount of wear and tear during their normal use. Make sure that the helmet can take this wear and tear for the safety of the user and the longevity of the equipment. If the helmet will last for a long time, it’s a worthy investment.

The qualities discussed above are only a few of the factors that people need to consider when they are looking for a sandblast helmet. Ultimately, everything comes back to safety. Make sure that the helmet places the safety of the user as the number one priority. This will help to minimize the chances of a disastrous injury occurring in the workplace. Never sacrifice comfort, aesthetics, or anything else for safety.

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