Scream Queens with ValueMags: a Popular but Serious Discussion

ValueMags is a magazine marketing agency in Chicago that markets magazines and magazine publishers. The magazine company is one of many agencies that creates a family oriented environment within the office. Not only does that mean that kids are welcome. The essence of it means that the morals and values of ValueMags  include inclusiveness and relationships. One of the many ways the ValueMags team bonds is by watching similar shows kind of like a book club.

The show that the employees have gone through include Game of Thrones, Suits, Pillars of the Earth, and recently Scream Queens. The ValueMags team likes to include a variety of shows in their discussion because it caters to all interests in the office. Scream Queens is similar to a parody of a horror. A sorority and fraternity begin to get killed off slowly by someone who is masked as a red devil. A realistic issue in the show is how the individual behind the red devil mask is aware of each and every move of the people in the sorority and fraternity. ValueMags researchers found that in the era in digital dependance, the is likely always someone that is reading your conversations on your phones and through private messaging. This is especially concerning for Andrew Degenholtz, President or ValueMags and other employees, each of which have children.

A lesson that Degenholtz wants to tell his kids once they get old enough to use those devices is that if they have anything important to say, to pick up the phone and call. Although with the newest technologies, it will eventually become equally as hard to hide what audio wave and sound waves can be tracked, it is important for individuals to understand that they can be tracked on any device with anyone and anywhere. It is not meant to scare individuals but just let them know to be cautious of the realities of technology and aware of who is in their environment. On another note, the ValueMags team thinks that Scream Queens is entertaining because of how ridiculously over dramatized the show is. They would recommend it for a good laugh.

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