Stack WinstrolandDecafor Maximum Effect

Steroids have been used been used by Humans for a long time. Though taking steroids to boost the health and physicality may seem to be a new trend, originating with the development of a host of new steroidal drugs in the 1950s, mankind has been using it since a long time. The first instance available is the instance of Ancient Greeks using raw animal testes to increase the systemic testosterone. The modern medicine has created many suitable regimens to use the modern steroids effectively, and most importantly, use them with safety and minimal side effects. There is a rising trend among modern doctors, trainers and sportsperson to use multiple steroidal drugs to get a high synergistic activity among the components of the drug regimen. This is colloquially known as ‘stacking’. A point must be made clear that stacking steroids needs to be done under the supervision of registered medical supervisor or else “free use” might cause serious side effects.

The ultimate stack

One of the important combinations which are actively used in the body-building domain is the Decadurabolin along with Winstrol. DecaDurabolin and Winstrol are the brand names of NandroloneDecanoate and Stanozolol respectively. Chemically they are compounds of two different classes. DecaDurabolin is a testosterone derivative while Winstrol is a DHT or Dihydrotestosterone derivative. These compounds are created synthetically from their natural precursors. When injected with Winstrol and Deca Durabolin, it causes the development of lean body with structured muscle. It is because various athletes have realized the potential of combining these two drugs. Winstrol has fat lowering property while DecaDurabolin acts as a bulking agent. This reduces down a simple equation: Deca gives you the muscle along with increased red blood cell count and Winstrol reduces the body fat. This is results in a fully structured body with low fat content; the perfect combination for performance based sports.

Chemistry and associated pharmacology

Deca-durabolin is chemically is the decanoic acid ester of Nandrolone (19- nortestesterone). This is specifically obtained as oily intra-muscular injection. Winstrol, on the other hand, is Stanozolol, a 17α methyl DHT derivative. The methyl group on the C-17 position allows oral administration by reducing the chances of pre-systemic (first pass) metabolism. Being a DHT derivative, it doesn’t aromatize by the aromatase enzyme. The best feature of Winstrol is that it is water soluble and can be administered as tablet, removing the chance to be administered by painful intra muscular injection.

Both these drugs have high anabolic activity pitted against low androgenic potential. Thus they can be safely used with low chances of side-effects. This doesn’t warrant their unsupervised use, as they might cause severe damage if done so. Both these drugs elaborate its anabolic activity via the DNA based mechanisms. Both these drugs bind to cytoplasmic receptors which then in turn up regulates the protein synthesis mechanisms by binding with DNA.

Dose and side-effect

The combination regimen usually lasts for 16 weeks with decadurabolin at 300 mg per week. This winstrol regimen starts from the 13th week with 25 mg/day of winstrol being administered for 4 weeks. When injected with Winstrol and Deca durabolin, it prepares the body to lean with proper muscle structure. The side effects involve high cholesterol levels with hair loss and acne with heaptotoxic potential and testicular atrophy in male. Women typically show a development in secondary male feature.

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