The perfect dress code followed by most escorts

When speaking of escorts, these girls have no official dress code, even if they work for an agency. In general, most escorts dress to look perfect when with their customers. In case she looks simple, then she has less chances of success in this industry.

To be a successful escort, these girls can try out different types of dress codes.

Perfect blend

In order to look her best, escorts try and dress as per the occasion and venue.  It is obvious that her dress should not let her stand alone out of the crowd. It is certain that she has to wear something that can highlight her attires.

Avoid wearing vulgar dress code

It is obvious that she has to maintain her image and reputation within the crowd. This means that when dressed to meet her client she will always ensure that she is not looking vulgar. Clients also prefer taking these girls to attend their private functions and social gatherings.

Dress as per the occasion

Escort girls are always very specific about selecting the right dress code. So they make the selection on the basis of time. If she has to meet her client in a hotel room for evening then she will select something that is elegant. A formal wear is always her first choice to go on a morning date event.

Uses tasteful makeup

As most girls are fond of using makeup, so are escort girls. When booking services with Oakland escorts you may notice that she does not make use of excess of make up. She will always ensure that she is wearing little makeup that can add elegance other looks. Escort girls always ensure that her makeup is appropriate and best for the occasion.

Avoid perfumes

Escort girls in general avoid wearing perfume when meeting their clients. Even if she is wearing one she will always ensure that she is not using something that is very strong. Escort girls always keep in mind that some clients may not be comfortable with string perfume odor and so they use something that is light and smells natural.

Avoid wearing jeans and t-shirts

To make herself look presentable, she will ensure that she does not wear something like jeans or t-shirt. You need to keep in mind that escort girls always want to ensure that she is presentable before the client.

The moment you book services with professional escorts like Oakland escorts you may find that her sense of dressing is very much similar to any decent girl.

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