Tips On Counteracting The Side Effects Of Anavar

The right use of steroids can help you in getting the right results from your workouts. If you are new to fitness, you have probably heard of many names, such as Anavar. Anavar is another name for the steroid called Oxandrolone, which is mostly used in the cutting cycle. It is one of the most effective steroids in the market for cutting cycles and is known to be expensive, as well. However, like most other steroids, there are a few side effects associated with this compound. We have enlisted a few of them below, along with tips on how you can minimize these effects.

Side effects and other things

Anavar is derived from DHT, and the side effects related to it are similar to other DHT-based compounds.

  • The common side effect is related to acne. Most users will see breakouts around their back or shoulders. In extreme cases, acne can be found on the chest and face, as well. If you are using Anavar, you need to be extra careful about your skincare regimen. Apart from keeping the skin clean, you need to use products to control oil secretion.
  • Anavar has been associated with hair loss, but it is entirely dependent on your health and overall heredity. In case you have male-pattern baldness running in the family, Anavar will cause hair loss for sure. More than often, users take other drugs like Finasteride, which can help in dealing with the hair loss.
  • One of the other serious side effects is related to prostate enlargement. If the level of DHT in your system increases, it will lead to the condition. However, with Anavar, you can avoid this problem by taking the recommended dose. Do not take this steroid for a very long time and over the usual dose. If you have prostate issues already, do not take Anavar at all. Most users also take Finasteride for a few months to reduce prostate enlargement. It also impacts healthy HPTA system.
  • Anavar side effects are same as most oral anabolic steroids. This compound will affect your liver and increase the liver enzymes. Keep in mind that you can reduce liver damage, if you follow the dosage guidelines. Avoid alcohol altogether while using this steroid. Also, keep a check on the medications you use. If required, talk to your doctor.

Anavar can help you in getting that lean look, as long as you are not overdoing the basic things.

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