Trident Society- Giving New Shape to Cremation and Grieving

Life has gone through the roles of frenzied consumerism, where corporate life has crept in deep into the human lives deadening the emotions that have always lived within. The politics have also its own share of role in this entire process, and there is a gross absurdism that has been noted and humorously expressed in by many. As the emotions have been draining away from mankind, life has turned out to be mechanical for the most. And this change in the life style has brought in a striking gap between the two generations.

Those who have had their childhood spent in the early 1970s and have entered the professional lives by the early 90s, are almost on the verge of retirement or have already retired by now. The work culture that persisted then is free from the reach of consumerism. Hence, they do not get to understand the busy life of the 21st-century generation and keep complaining about the mechanical processes they come across in every phase of life.

But life and death don’t stop at all in all these changing trends. While the event of birth brings in immense joy to the family, death compensates it with the saddening part. For decades, burial has always been the most common form of disposition in the US, and Americans have never given it any second thought. Grandparent, great grandparents and all of their ancestors have been buried over the ages. But along with the changing lives, there has been a different destination for the dead bodies as well in the United States of America. Associations like Trident Society have crept up and the practice of cremation is being adopted slowly but steadily.

However, experts have also associated some economic turnover in accepting this new method as well. Since cremation has proved to be cheaper than burials, it has automatically come up as a popular alternative especially when the recession has already hit. Traditionally, USA has been a Christian nation since its inception, and Christianity has always favored burials. But there has been a change in their beliefs, and their secular approach has been quintessentially noted by many. Life and death have no connection to religion, and Trident Society has always preached this idea in helping cremation grow its popularity. It is not the process in which you let your close one go, but the feeling of loss that creates within.

There’s no specific way which helps you express your grief because it is a realization that comes from within. And why would someone not accept an Eco-friendly solution while bidding the final good bye to someone who has been closest to heart? Greener methods have come up and a mixture of water and potassium hydroxide are slowing gaining the popularity to avoid the fire based cremation.

The more a society gets secular, mobile and conscious about nature, the more will the practice of cremation finds prominence. Change is what defines the society nowadays, and cremation will take it over burial for sure.

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