Turn your dreams into reality: Crowdfund your first feature him

Making your first feature film is a major step that you are taking to jumpstart your career. But financing a feature-length film from a debutant filmmaker. Producers, lobbies, politics, struggle with other filmmakers, there can be several reasons why it can become difficult for you to get the funding for your first feature film. Crowdfunding India says that if you have a solid gig and are confident that now is the time to enter the world of filmmaking, then you can start an online crowdfunding campaign to finance your film. Crowdfunding is opening up funding streams that had never existed before, it can let you chase your dreams without the possibility of wasting your money or taking a loan that you will regret later.

Lately filmmakers are using online crowdfunding platforms to fund their independent feature films. Crowdfunding India gives a few tips to the students or the first-time feature filmmakers who are aspiring to fund their first project by crowdfunding, so that you can succeed following the footsteps of the campaigners before you.

Think about the free marketing

Crowdfunding India thinks that this should be exclusively the reason why you should go for crowdfunding. Not only the donors will contribute to your project, they will be intrigued and emotionally involved. They will influence a crowd to watch your movie, and all these marketing will come for free. Also your family and friends will finally get to know how serious and devoted to the project is. Ask people directly, share the campaign on social media platforms and garner attention from all around the world. If you are able to reach the broader international community, outside of that of the filmmakers, you will not only raise more funds, you’ll also find and connect with your donors or potential audience well in advance of your release.

Create a preview for the donors

Crowdfunding India says that you must always have a few project updates (videos and letters) ready before you launch your campaign. These updates, emails will make your campaign more attractive for the donors and help them decide whether they want to join hands. Keep posting regular updates to your campaign homepage and also keep the possibilities of rewards and perks to attract your donors.

Convince your donors

You have to be very aggressive while making the aforementioned point, says Crowdfunding India. Even if it means being snide towards other projects. The market is competitive and new and enchanting ideas are coming forward everyday. Then why must the donor choose you of all? Demarcate the upsides or any marketing-worthy sides of your films, highlight the most beautiful aspect, or emphasize on how this has been your dream. Either way, you have to get the strangers to be empathetic towards you so you need to create compelling contents.

Crowdfunding India says that  crowdfunding is a viable option for first time filmmakers. All you have to do is launch a campaigns that create a really strong incentive. To find out more about you can crowdfund your feature film, visit the Crowdfunding India website.

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