ValueMags and Cereal Branding

ValueMags is a marketing agency for magazine agencies but recently they have expanded their services. ValueMags is offering marketing advice for all kinds of companies. They are currently working on a cereal brand that has certain weaknesses that need work.

The brand’s current packaging does not have consistent labelling throughout all their products which makes it hard to identity their products and associate for their clients and potential clients. Poor labelling creates a disconnection between the true taste of the product and the perception of the taste. The coordination of the brand’s image and the packaging will not only appeal to consumer’s sensory receptors (sight with aesthetics), it will break consumer’s differential threshold (when consumers realize that the packaging has changed) influencing a new perception on the brand. ValueMags encourages all companies to be lined up with their values to have a cohesive message.

ValueMags encourages this brand to include the following concepts: introducing brighter colors for aesthetics, therefore drawing more attention to the packaging. In comparison to other successful cereals, this brand’s packaging camouflages various important factors including, health benefits, flavors and texture of cereal. We have therefore thought about brightening the packaging with a lighter bowl and an ombre effect background (Transitioning from light to dark background color). By highlighting the health benefits of this brand says ValueMags, examples including, high in iron, protein and fiber or recognizing a low calorie count, an association with [brand] desire to be a healthy and sustainable company will be made. Furthermore, this brand can develop unique uses for the cereal, including recipes for cereal bars, desserts, and granola breakfasts, identified at on the back side of the cereal box. (Similar to what Kellogg’s Rice Krispies does for Rice Krispy squares.) ValueMags believes that by applying these marketing concepts, along with considerate customer service and appreciation, the brand will further develop their goal of being a reputable sustainable company.

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