What Are The Requirements For Getting A Personal Loan In The Philippines?

All of us, some or the other point of time require financial assistance whether it is for personal use or medical assistance. This financial help can be taken from various banks be it private or government. If anybody has a personal or short-term financial need, then a personal loan is the key to it, or this is the only solution to your problem.

If you are in the Philippines and wish to acquire personal financial aid from the bank or the government, then there is no collateral needed for it. You can simply apply for the personal loan at any bank in the Philippines and can avail the help of the personal loan. But there are some basics to getting a personal loan in the Philippines.

What is a Personal Loan?

Like the name itself says, a personal loan is taken for personal financial assistance or help. Anybody can acquire this personal loan in the Philippines by simply applying for it at any bank. It can be taken for school/college/tuition fees, home needs, or any personal need of cash requirements, etc. a personal loan calculator in the Philippines is required to calculate the rate of interest that the lender or the bank is taking from the debtor.There are two types of loans that are available in the Philippines; a secured loan and a non-securedloan. There are two types of loans available, you can say.

A secured loan can be acquired for household expenses if your salary does not support home needs, or a loan for the car, etc. whereas, the unsecured/non-secured loan, you do not need to put any collateral. But by and far, largely, unsecured loans are easily available and the most common type of loan available in the Philippines.

How does a Personal Loan work in the Philippines?

It is when you apply for a personal loan in the Philippines; you need to enter into an agreement with the bank or the lender. It is the bank in most cases. You need to promote the bank to repay your loan or the debt amount over an agreed length of time which has been decided amicably.This shall be your loan tenure. You also need to put up collateral in this case, as this is a secured loan.

During the first few years of the loan, you will be liable to pay the interest or your majority of your payments will be used to repay the interest amount. But as the time goes by, some portions of your payments shall be going to pay your principal amount which you have taken as a loan.

Rates vary from bank to bank. For example, a Security Bank,which provides OFW loan lending, has an effective interest rate of 29.48{e14978a81230aaa0ca6c7295e0faf17ba480eb4298481b06e37fe8cc24cae092}, while a BDO personal loan takes an interest rate of 26.62{e14978a81230aaa0ca6c7295e0faf17ba480eb4298481b06e37fe8cc24cae092}. For the latest rates, you shall be required to use ourpersonalloan calculator.

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