What to Do About Your Nickel Allergy

We all like to wear jewelry when completing our outfit. It helps us to feel complete and put-together without being overly done. After all, when you don’t have the time to put on makeup or do your hair, a great pair of earrings can make up for it. Unfortunately, there’s been a growing trend in jewelry lately that is often at the expensive of the buyer. Nickel is a metal that is often found in cheaper jewelry that you can find in virtually any store. Unless a product specifically says “nickel-free”, you’re likely buying an item that contains this metal. You might be wondering why nickel is so problematic in the world of jewelry, but it’s easy to understand once you begin experiencing an allergic reaction to the pieces you’ve purchased.

What Exactly is a Nickel Allergy?

A nickel allergy is a type of contact dermatitis that irritates your skin because of the contact the metal has with your body. It’s most often found in earrings because these pieces, in particular, go through the skin and have more contact than a necklace or bracelet. A nickel allergy may be difficult to spot if you’re not sure of what you’re experiencing. If you’ve ever put in a pair of earrings and an hour later they were itching you like crazy and were red and irritated, you were having an allergic reaction to the nickel found in the jewelry. Nickel allergies aren’t life-threatening by any means and the reaction goes away almost as soon as you take off the jewelry, but it can be problematic for people who want to wear beautiful pieces without paying a fortune for pure gold or silver.

Identifying Your Jewelry’s Quality

It’s important to identify the quality of your jewelry if you have an allergy to nickel. The best way to do this is to wear your pieces for a few hours to see how your skin reacts to them. If you put in a pair of earrings and find that they’re causing itching and redness, it’s pretty safe to say that the items are cheaply made and contain nickel. Instead of throwing these pieces out altogether, consider donating them so that someone else who doesn’t have a nickel allergy can benefit from wearing them.

Buying Nickel-Free Items

Once you’ve gone through your jewelry, it’s important to only buy nickel-free items from now on. The site known as http://www.blomdahlusa.com/ has a variety of beautiful pieces that are allergy-free and ideal for sensitive skin. Their prices are comparable even to the cheaper jewelry you’ve purchased in the past, but you’re getting better quality pieces you can actually wear.

Once you make the connection between your sensitivity and the jewelry you’re wearing, it’s easy to switch out your pieces for a more comfortable experience. After all, just because your jewelry looks great, this doesn’t mean that you’ll feel comfortable wearing the items all the time if they’re irritating your skin.

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