What to Do If You’re Injured in an Auto Accident

With thousands of car accidents happening every single day in the United States alone, it’s no wonder that many of these incidents result in injury. If you’re facing medical bills and lost wages due to being in a car accident, it’s time to get legal help and receive the compensation you need. The right lawyer will file your case and back you up in a court of law.

Reasons to File a Lawsuit After an Auto Accident

Being in a car accident is not only devastating, but it’s extremely expensive. From the damage done to your vehicle that now needs to be repaired to the damage done to your body and mental well-being, it can be difficult to recover fully from a major car accident. Thankfully, you can receive monetary compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit with some of the best Fayetteville Car Accident Lawyers available. Compensation may not get rid of the mental turmoil you’re facing from the collision, but it’ll help with car repairs, medical bills and lost wages.

How to Find and Hire an Attorney

To find a reputable lawyer, you need to look locally and contact their legal team to get answers to your questions. Most attorney’s offices will offer free phone consultations to people who just want to know about filing a case and what to expect. Once you make the decision to hire the lawyer, they will begin working on building your case and getting it into court. They will require a variety of information pertaining to the lawsuit like wage information, police reports and bills that you have as a result of the accident.

Winning Your Case and Receiving Payment

Winning your case isn’t guaranteed as not every personal injury case is compensated in the legal system. If you don’t have enough evidence behind you to support your case, you’re less likely to win because the judge won’t find you as being a true victim. This is why it is crucial that you provide any and all information to the attorney who can then use it in the courtroom.

If you win the case, you will probably get monthly payments of what you’re owed. It is rare to win a large lump sum of cash as a result of a personal injury case, but there are companies that will buy out your annuity for a fee. The reason monthly payments are more beneficial to victims is because they cannot be taxed. If you get a lump sum of money, you will need to pay tax on what you receive. The lawyer will discuss payment options with you both before and after going to court so that you can figure out what fits your needs the best.

The Fine Print

The lawyer will take a portion of what you win in court as part of their legal team’s fees. The amount you pay is dependent upon what you win and what you’ve agreed upon to give the attorney. It is important that you talk about the full case with the lawyer to eliminate any problems down the road due to something you didn’t understand. Personal injury cases can get complicated, especially if two people who were injured are involved. In this case, the lawsuit essentially has two victims and you might wind up paying them for their injuries as opposed to coming out the winner. Only a qualified attorney who specializes in personal injury cases will be able to help you with these types of lawsuits.


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