Why Should I Use Technology in My Classroom

There are heaps of reasons both genius and con to use innovation in your classroom. We should observe them before we start to viably actualize innovation into your classroom.

What Has Changed in Education?

The devices instructors are utilizing (i.e. Programming and Hardware)

The part of the educator (i.e. Facilitator)

Correspondence with the group (i.e. Guardians)

Connected to the world (i.e. Computerized friends through correspondence)

Understudies aptitudes (i.e. Specialized)

Access to data (i.e. Google, Wikipedia)

What Hasn’t Changed in Education?

Difficulties of being a tyke

Parent obligations

Requirement for an instructor

Requirement for organized time

Requirement for unstructured time

Requirement for understudy to feel safe

Need to convey

Listening is still key

Instruction has experienced different changes throughout the hundreds of years. In any case, none has been more noteworthy than the one happening in this innovative age. Surprisingly the way learning happens is genuinely evolving. Teachers have boundless assets readily available and have entry to innovation that can help them convey their lessons viably and effectively. Understudies have immense stores of data readily available and as of now have innovative learning to get to this data even before entering the classroom. Understudies are not overpowered or threaten by innovation and commonly are more.

Ten Reasons to Use Technology in Today’s Classroom

Moment access to colossal measures of data

Quick and proficient

Heavenly input

Today’s understudies talk “tech”

Draws in the learner

Sets them up for a “tech” based world

Outside specialists are accessible

A window to the world

It is amusing to utilize

Educator adapts constantly

Ten reasons Not to Use Technology in Today’s Classroom

Excessively costly

Befuddling and complex

No emotionally supportive networks

No bolster staff


Not a viable educating strategy

Detracts from instructor understudy relationship

Educator not prepared to utilize it

Understudies will be occupied

Educator gets to be distinctly computerized

It is excessively costly, excessively muddled; it is not a successful technique for instructing… These are only some of reasons governments, schools board and instructors give for not using the force of innovation all the more habitually in the classroom. Be that as it may, if instructors and heads make a promise to incorporate the innovation that is making organizations and our own lives more productive into our thrashing training systems…the accomplishment of our understudies will stun and the future potential outcomes for the instruction will be boundless.

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